So what happened to new hosting?


Oh yeah about that…. we never got a reply. “So what in the world have all of you been up to?” I hear you say well..

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Vampire Knight Ep 3 “Fangs of Repentance”


Righto, this week on Vampire Knight we get a little insight to Cross academy ‘s inhabitants. Headmaster Cross cooks up a stew for Yuki and Zero. The Night Class gather for a morning meeting to be informed of a dorm inpection. Everyones fine however Aidou needs a little help. Thank god Kaname is there to put him in his place.

Later on Zero and Yuki are in town and well it gets intresting.    

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kansho ava sized 5

I’ve fucked my computer over hard. Gotta reformat it and the same thing goes for `x_Fenrir. He’s pretty pissed at me since it was all my fault.

Well this pretty much means i wont be able to blog for a while until i can get everything sorted out

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One Piece – Chapter 494 “Tragedy of Duval”

thethingexeSo new one piece is out, seems to be the end of the mini arc. Or the start of the big arc.

It was a funny chapter, bet you guys would never have guessed who Duval was… Unless you read the spoilers or something.

But anyway, fun arc, maybe like a Brooke fodder arc. Anyway…

Download Franky House One Piece 494 Here

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