Naruto – Chapter 402 “Reflection”

Update: It’s out!

Wow! Good chapter!

I’ll say it now… Team Hebi is back! Wooo

And a new antagonist is introduced… Oooo

Naruto looks like it may be ending soon with these developments…

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Summary: (From David Gale and Soletuti from NF)

I’m home!

Sasuke: Brother! Welcome Home! Let’s play! What should we play?

UchiMILF: Hey! You can’t play until your brother has finished his homework!

Itachi: It’s ok, I can do my homework later.

(In the woods) While playing hide and seek, Sasuke is looking for Itachi. He finds Itachi who uses bunshin no jutsu to get away.

(Evening) While eating dinner Sasuke asks his dad, “We played hide and seek today but I think using bunshin no jutsu to run away is sly!”

Father: Oh, he already knows how to make a bunshin?

Sasuke: Teach me bunshin too!

Mother: Homework.

As usual, Itachi poked Sasuke who felt down and say “Forgive me Sasuke”

*The scene changed. Appears the flashback of the Shuriken scene which was used before.*

Sasuke: Would you train me again?

Itachi: Yes. But I have missions and you must go to school tomorrow, it’s difficult to have time for us now.

Sasuke was smiling and say,” It’s okay, if you are with me sometime.”

*The scene of the day before the Uchiha massacre.*

Sasuke ask Itachi to teach Shuriken. Itachi says,”Forgive me Sasuke…next time.”

I will exist as your wall to overcome…I will be with you….if you hate me…This is what the brother is.

*Itachi’s last scene*

Aproaching Sasuke, Itachi’s finger looked to reach Sasuke’s eye but it went to his forhead.


This is the last part of the first spoiler.

Itachi: Forgive me Sasuke… it ends with this.

Sasuke cries.

Behind Sasuke, Madara and Hebi members looks at Sasuke.

Sasuke: “We are not Team Hebi anymore. ” From now on, we call our squad Hawk. ” “The mission of Hawk is only one. We…”

Madara see Sasuke.

Sasuke’s face was closed up. He has new eyes different from normal eye and normal Sharingan.

“…I/we destroy Konoha.”


Where does Hawk go next? What does Naruto do now?

Next issue “The purpose”

Shit… Good chapter…

Sasuke has MS, team Hebi is now team Hawk, and are the new villians who will take down Konoha.

I’m happy, it means that soon we could see some real action.

Anyway, just read the chapter when it’s out.

Itachi smiled!!!


36 thoughts on “Naruto – Chapter 402 “Reflection”

  1. Waaack! Sasuke is the bad guy now? that kills it for me -__-
    But I understand why this must be done. The final show down between Naruto and Sasuke begins…

  2. Dam that made me sad, seeing Itachi smiling so kindly to his brother and Sasuke finally accepted the truth and cried T_T Also this chapter is out and the Hebi team is now Eagle not Hawk :P

  3. Sad but I always knew that if Itachi really wanted to kill Sasuke and take his eyes, he wouldn’t have lost that fight .

  4. Nice to see Sasuke accept the truth and showed how much he love Itachi by crying and planning on crushing konoha. I guess this is leading to another Naruto vs Sasuke, it’s gonna be good. I can’t imagine how Itachi feel having to make Sasuke hated him and couldn’t tell him the truth.

  5. I’m definitely heartbroken after reading this chapter.. T T I’m not wishing for Sasuke to be a bad guy. I believed he never was and he just wanted to avenge his clan. But now… I’m just so hopeless. T T

  6. OH MY GOD…. :( This was the first time i cried for reading something… most sad i’ve been a sasuke and itachi fan from day one and always hated the fag “naruto” but yo! this shits heating up. cant wait to see the powers and genjistus of sasukes MS.

    Bulid up to Sasuke vs Naruto (fag) begins now… (“,)


  7. I agree with you guys.. I never though Sasuke will be a bad guy.. But I agree if he kill Danzou and that 2 elderlies.. I hate them.. Because of their foolishness everything happens…T T
    Love Sasuek and Itachi..hikzz

  8. Type wrongly.. it Sasuke..
    I can’t stand it if I type Sasuke’s name wrongly..heheh
    Poor Uchiha brothers…

  9. wtf it was a pretty good chapter but one thing bothers me
    how will naruto be able to stop akatski and sasuke if they have a similar goal
    plus he’ll never be able to beat sasuke-now that he has a new sharingan(eagle), control over the nine tails, sharingan, ms sharingan. ts sharingan, and his own sufficient power, plus his enormous charkra levels, and his cursed form 1 and 2, chidori/nagashi,summoning snake
    he has to develop more strategies how to fight
    hes already at ho-beep-kage level or higher

    while poor naruto only has- rasengan, futon rasengan, kage bunshins(which sasuke can already do), summoning frog,and nine tails which sasuke can control with his new eyes(he used to only manipulate the fox control), his overall strength. he has to develop more moves if he ever wants to win against them he should do the same as sasuke and develop strategies. hes probably a medium level jounin and a pretty suck anbu black op(killed on first mission probably) needs to learn some of his fathers moves

  10. TMK,
    Sasuke is no longer has the cursed seal, so he doesn’t have the ability to transform into level 1 or 2, no longer possesed by Orochi and I think Manda is dead because he used it as a shield against Deirda (however you spell it) you know who I’m talking about though, Clay Face!

  11. in the end one way to say the finale of naruto would be lights………reality…. narutos dead and sasuke kills the elders but how can naruto die? the show cant be cant be changed to sasuke all of a sudden, can it? no matter what he does he’ll die for a fact.
    we all know that one uchiha(madara) can control the nine tails but now sasuke can too. And we can all say that naruto isnt a really decent ninja without his nine tails…. most of his akatski and everyday matches that he has won have been out of the fact he had the nine tails. so he better learn some of his fathers moves or he might as well accept that hes already dead……………………..a new era is beginning-sasukes era- witout regarding the things i have said kishi cannot kill naruto and naruto will alwys come back even if hes dead. NARUTO CANT DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FBEEEP WOULD BE THE POINT OF THE WHOLE SERIES…THAT HE DIED IN A CHIDORI ATTACK!!!! SO KISHI CANNOT KILL HIM..SO ALL OF U SASUKE FANS BE WAITING FOR A BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!!! Sasuke may get some licks in but naruto will kill him or die with him

  12. thank u goldenchild for reclarryfying things for me. Who do u think is going to win the series of figting cuming up? Sasuke or Naruto and whos an overall better ninja?
    oh, farewell naruto those were some really enligting statements i agree with u

  13. It’s very interesting. I can’t see I saw THIS coming, but I can say, I never thought Itachi was a bad person, something wasn’t right about him being “bad”.
    I found the ending quite emotional, which is the type of story I like.

    Sasuke finally understanding, probably forgiving his brother, loving him again and now is seeking revenge against the Leaf because he probably blames them for it happening.
    Though, we don’t how he got his new eyes. What happened between when the candle extinguished till him standing by the waves?

    Some happened, something else was said, that is yet to be revealed. I do hope there is some action soon, but from what I’ve heard, the sasuke part is ending soon, maybe next chapter.

    Then it will be Sakura’s turn, then Kakashi’s turn. In an interview with creator of naruto, he said in exact words “Naruto is going to have to wait”.

    I think this is because, in “Naruto” (not shippuuden), they never really got invovled with each character personally. Sasuke has had his turn, naruto has had his, while Sakura, we know so little about, whilst Kakashi is still a mystery.

    I’m still holding onto Obito… Something just doesn’t feel right… Why only one in the mask, and familiar haircut.. I DONT care what the manga has said,

    Look underneath the underneath!!!

    I myself, am happy the cursed seal is gone, such a menace. Now what I WANT to know is,


  14. he curled up into a ball and cries forever because itachis dead.nah hes probably looking for some demons
    but one thing really gets me…why did itachi try to take naruto in the beginning of the series? DID he want revenge on konoha for what it did to him. and why did itachi have to die? CANt he take out konoha by himself he already took out the best clan uchiha?

  15. personally..i think sasuke shudn’t crush konoha..

    wait wait sasuke fans..(dnt kill me)






    newaiz!! im sayin this cos..

    itachi did everything he cud to save konoha..

    so then if sasuke crushes konoha..

    then all itachi’s hard physical! (&mental) labour wud be gone

    to waste..

    newaiz..its obvious naruto cannot be killed..

    some how…

    this sentence became my quote to my die-hard-sasuke-fan best friend..

    me: “if there is no naruto…”
    bestie:”there’s no sasuke..” -.-


  16. i think that they wont have Sasuke go through with it and there will become a new twist in the plot, more than likely there will be a reentry of Jeria in witch he is controlled by pain and has his eyes too. than somehow Sasuke will join up with Naruto and bring boring old peace to the would like the prophesy says.

    P.S. Sasuke has sweet eyes, i wonder what they can do?

  17. tmk the reason that he did that is probably to lure in his brother because Naruto was his closest friend and sture up Sasuke’s anger again

  18. Great Chapter, Does anyone noticed the similarities between Metal Gear Solid and Naruto? It would seem The Boss = ITachi and Big Boss/Naked Snake= Sasuke and BOTH ended up bringing chaos into the world because both were forced to kill their loved ones and eventually cheated. Anyways, like i said great chapter; I also knew Itachi had a deathwish..something in his eyes screamed for it…well he got it, tragic ending.

  19. naruto cant die and mishi cant just end the series in having both of his two main characters killing each other. Naruto as jaraya said is the destined child so he cant die by sasuke until he kills pein or becomes hokage(my thought). Its very likely that he’ll survive to the end of the series so for u naruto haters, be expecting a big dissapointment. On the last page of 402 it says what is naruto doing? So he’ll probably be doing something very important that will affect the entire series. For some reason i think that he’ll learn instant transmission like his father. This is probably the only way he can win against sasuke.

  20. How many times do I have to say this to you all dumb asses… Tobi is not Obito, he’s Madara. And for Naruto vs. Sasuke, I think neither one will win. It will be a tied cuz Kishi don’t have the balls to kill Naruto since he’s the main character and he also don’t have the balls to kill Sasuke cuz it’s his favorite character. That what makes this future fight uninteresting to me.

  21. are u talking to me or the random person? And i agree
    good point of view but if he doesnt kill one of them doesnt it just make the series unporposeful. Rivalry always comes to an end in japenese manga. Either one character lives or dies is the authors decision but it will affect the success of the authors whole manga. And as a fan of naruto i think that itll make the series more exhilarating if someone dies in the end. And i agree with u jack. I mean if the guy says hes madara in the manga hes madara! but in spite of that i still am open to the idea that he could possibly be in obitos body. We’ll just have to see when kishi unravels the mystery behind the obito/madara series.

  22. i had an idea about something. Could it be possible madara is revived by something like orochimarus jutsu( the spell he used to revive the hokage but he used it to a furher extent without erasing his feelings and emotions)I mean he was in akatski and i bet that they used obitos body( or someone who just looks like obito and is in the uchiha clan). And in some cases obito/madara(for the believers so stop blaming me) mentions orochimaru. And itachi mentions madara as being a “shell” of his former self. A shell could be meaning a soul right?
    Looking back i think the hokages had to be stronger than they were when orochimaru commanded them.
    So the justu only returned a portion of their power to their bodies?
    Anyways i dont want to see people blaming me for my opinion next time i come and type my opinions about naruto.
    Its just a thought

  23. Here would be my opinion. Sasuke seems to want to destory the Village, but he doesn’t clarify. If we think about it, all the evil people aside from Tsunade, run the village. Sasuke may want to kill all of them and basically cause the village to be reborn in a sense. Naruto could come back and find the village renamed like…’Village hidden in the awesomeness of Sasuke’ and then go to find the hokage and find that it is SASUKE and be like! “NO MY PLACE” and big epic fight.:) I dunno…there is no way he is just gonna go against Itachi and be like…”ya I’m kill em all now CAUSE i CAN”

    One thing I do find funny, everyone else wheres the same outfit all the friggin time but Sasuke feels the need to change his all the time! It’s wierd…everyone else dresses the same and yet he always shows up in a new outfit. He is so fickle.

  24. Lol Everyone seem to miss the whole point of Itachi dieing. He killed the Uchihas in order to saved the Konoha. And now Sasuke is gonna destroy it. That’s Madara’s plan, he wanted to get Sasuke angry at Konoha so Sasuke would help him destroy Konoha. That’s why Itachi tried to keep Madara away from Sasuke by planned Amaterasu in him but of course didn’t work. If Sasuke destroy the Konoha it would totally go against everything Itachi tried to do.

  25. waahhhhh i’ve never look at that point of view b4. and i was also caught up in excitement of the whole truth thingy. i guess i did totally missed that but man that’s messed up though. madara is hella good and smart

  26. I think Dew got a point there. Madara was going against the village since they formed their pact between uchiha and the other clan. So maybe he got Sasuke so far he will destroy the Leaf. Sasuke might agree with killing Danzou and those elders… but then again I hope Anbu gets attacked and are forced to kill Danzou (I hate that freaking guy). Sasuke get caught on purpose so he can explain about Uchiha Itachi, slaughters those who stand up to him and (unlikely) Naruto joins him again as friend. And together they kill Madare! ^^

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