So what happened to new hosting?


Oh yeah about that…. we never got a reply. “So what in the world have all of you been up to?” I hear you say well..

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Feeling Better, Gunna Get Blogging Some More!

Shana Is In This Pic! Click It!

Who’s the teacher? =0 (Hint: Blazing Eyes + Katana)

thethingexeI still have chicken pox, but the fevers have passed so I’ll be able to stare at the screen for long periods without passing out.

Hmmm, well anyway, about the picture attached to the thread, I just found it while I was watching episode 6 or 7 or Shana II. I was like Wow. Meganekko + Tsundere, the best…

Anyway, Manga spoilers/raws should be coming out tomorrow, you’ll find the updates here. Also I’ll get to review the next Spice and Wolf episode as well as the one I missed soon.

My absence ~

`x_Fenrir Alright guys, I just want everyone to know that I’m (`x_Fenrir) not dead, yet.
I’ll be blogging and contributing reviews, etc. Soon enough so, please be patient (   >   3<) ~
I can’t blog yet (or much anyways), reason being I have a whole stack of holiday homework that I still have not completed yet, that and
I’m slacking off too much and playing games/watching anime/being my usual lazy-ass self.

Anyways, I’ll get to it once I get my act together and finish off everything.

... WHYS!! *sobs*
Heres an apology picture :3

Back to school soon =[

saber is cute!

I’d go back to school for that ^

thethingexe is awesome!Ah… just when we’ve started to get our shit together and start a blog, school is leering at us around the not too far corner. I guess it’s not really the school that’s scary, it’s the homework that I’ve suppose to have finished; the homework I should be doing instead of this blog post.

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