Current Season


So the new season is coming, which means now is the time for us on this blog to get organised and choose anime to blog…


Well, we’ll put up a list and I’ll see what I want, this season is actually quite good. Quite a few animes I wouldn’t mind watching.

You should check them out…

Here’s the list… The highlighted stuff is the stuff I want to blog. If there’s something else that looks cool, tell us about it and we might blog it too.

The other guys here probably want to blog other stuff, they can use a different colour…



Thursday, April 3rd
Kyou Kara Maou! 3rd Season
Allison to Lillia

Macross Frontier
xxxHOLic Kei
To Love-Ru

Friday, April 4th
Kirarin Revolution Season 3
The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~
Itazura na Kiss

Saturday, April 5th
BLUE DRAGON Shichi no Ryu
D.C. II S.S.~Da Capo II Second Season~
Kamen no Maid Guy

Sunday, April 6th
Internet Ghost PIPOPA
Onegai My Melody Kirara☆
Zettai Karen Children
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Wagaya no Oinari-sama
Nabari no Ou
SA ~Special-A~
Neo Angelique Abyss

Monday, April 7th
Hakkentai Kennai Suki! Shimajirou
Soul Eater
Fire Ball
Vampire Knight
Monochrome Factor

Tuesday, April 8th
Uchino 3 Shimai
RD Sennou Chousashitsu (Real Drive)
Crystal Blaze
Himitsu ~Top Secret~ The Revelation
Thursday, April 10th
Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars)
Junjou Romantica

Friday, April 11th
Golgo 13

Saturday, April 12th
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Nijuu Menzou Musume

Saturday, April 19th
Penguin Musume Heart

April, TBA
Sugar Bunnies 2nd Season
Penguin no Mondai

Friday, May 2nd
Candy Boy

You can watch the trailers for some of these animes at THAT Animeblog