thethingexe is now sick. Very sick. so there will be limited posts and updates.
I am still capped. so just wait until the 9th. Also we are all back to skool and it is death!!!!


kyaa ecchi ~


(left to right) Tieria, thethingexe


well i just went to see thethingexe to do some homework.

and i found …..

Gundam mm-m-mm-m – Meister

thethingexe: that’s actually Kansho’s room… So yeah.

Kansho: but that is still thethingexe

`x_Fenrir: … why is a gundam meister in bed with thethingexe in Kansho’s room? .. o.O;;

Kansho: I don’t know, you tell me. I found you there too

`x_Fenrir: Was that necessary!? SHHHH!

thethingexe: Okay, but who would take such a photo?

Cancer conferences are over!

Anime Science

Anime doesn’t believe in cancer

thethingexeJust like everyone to know today was me and KaoSniper’s Cancer lectures and stuff. So we’ll be able to blog earlier and stuff.I’m currently not at home, so I can’t really spend other peoples bandwidth for anime. So I won’t be able to blog something new. Was planning to blog some of my models or something. But I’ll think of something so that we have at least a review a day… yeah hard. Or at least do some screencaps.

On other news, after the 18th of Janurary, Kansho is going to come back from Singapore, and hopefully blog on some crap. I’m still not sure about fenrir, but hopefully they’ll be at least one post.

It’s probably going to get quite hectic soon.

I love the new banner!

Manda is cool!

 Spot the girl! (Clue: there is none)

thethingexeavasized.jpgEven though I’m the one who made it, I got to say, it’s… Beautiful! Marvellous! Excellent! Cakecious!

`x_Fenrir is Sasuke, cause he’s the one that has hair most like that I guess.
Kanshō is Karin, cause he’s like the trap of the group, cause we all know that every anime blog needs a trap. Sorry Kan.
thethingexe (me!) is Suigetsu, cause he’s fully sick, sort of like me. And I still and always will be a Zabuza fan.
KaoSniper is Jugo, cause in real life he’s probably more tank than Jugo, so I guess he sort of fits. He also likes Jugo too, I think.

But yeah, still means nothing till we get animeblogger host! Maestro fix the servers!

EDIT: Kansho apparently isn’t too happy about being a trap, so since Fenrir is still RO crazed, he can be Karin. Geez. Happy?

Just testing some crap…

yay boobiesekk hairy breastshahaha communisma nomral picture?! blasphemydamn you hair!ass...

I’m thinking this anime is going to make me hate “hair”.

thethingexe is awesome!

Just checking if little avatar things work, and I guess they do?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what anime I should blog?

I’m thinking Wolf & Spice… (pictures were so not stolen from…)

I’ll definately do mangas and maybe some models, like gundams or something… Hmm…

Can’t wait to get serious at… *droolz*

Also, then maybe these other shitheads will get off their arses. =)

About how this is going to work


Shana welcomes you…

thethingexe is awesome!Okay ladies, gents, furries…

This will be an Australian blog about anime, manga, otaku life and anything about japanese culture really I guess. We’ll do things like reviews, news, rants, random crap. Just your everyday anime blog.

Since I’m well aware of the amount of wordpress blogs and the oceans of abadoned blogs, it is a bad idea to start blogs and alot of responsiblity. This blog will try and do it’s best to become popular and whatever, but we won’t really be posting much till we get our proper hosting at

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