Spring 2008 Animelist


thethingexeSo the new season is coming, which means now is the time for us on this blog to get organised and choose anime to blog…


Well, we’ll put up a list and I’ll see what I want, this season is actually quite good. Quite a few animes I wouldn’t mind watching.

You should check them out…

For the list and what animes we plan on blogging… Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year




thethingexeYep, pretty much that…

Happy Chinese New Year, I wish all you readers a happy… reading.

Wait… actually, have a year to remember and many more to come. That’s better.

I’ll probably have a lot of phone calls to relatives and other mumbo jumbo soon, so this will be the last post for today. It’s great ain’t it, I’m still young so I still get lucky money! Whoop! New anime merch, here I come…

Feeling Better, Gunna Get Blogging Some More!

Shana Is In This Pic! Click It!

Who’s the teacher? =0 (Hint: Blazing Eyes + Katana)

thethingexeI still have chicken pox, but the fevers have passed so I’ll be able to stare at the screen for long periods without passing out.

Hmmm, well anyway, about the picture attached to the thread, I just found it while I was watching episode 6 or 7 or Shana II. I was like Wow. Meganekko + Tsundere, the best…

Anyway, Manga spoilers/raws should be coming out tomorrow, you’ll find the updates here. Also I’ll get to review the next Spice and Wolf episode as well as the one I missed soon.

Current Season Anime (Winter)

Shana is watching you, watch anime…


I’ve been scouring around for new anime and I’ve made a list of all the current season (Winter) anime, so like ones that have started in January and go through to March.

So we’ll probably be blogging quite a few from here. I guess if there’s something in particular you want us to blog, we can do that too. Personally, I’ve got a drawing to Spice and Wolf, H2O and Rosario + Vampire, ARIA The ORIGINATION and They are my noble Masters. I also probably wouldn’t mind blogging Hatenkō Yugi, there’s something about reverse-harems that get me. Most of theses series’ first episodes have already been aired, so I’ll probably choose one tomorrow and do a double episode review.

These are the new animes for Q1 2008 (Winter): Continue reading