Hatenkō Yūgi – Episode 1 “Eternal Light”


Rahzel Rahzel, Rahzel.. <3 ~ (  >  3<)


Alright, finally got around to watching this show and I must say, I really enjoyed this. Even if it is a shoujo (why is it a shoujo!? It lies! I am not a sissy!!). I didn’t know what to expect upon hearing about this and I’ve been reading a few blogs on it too and it didn’t seem that good to be honest but after watching it and taking it all in, I can appreciate how good this show really actually is.

Hatenkō Yūgi is about a girl named Rahzel. Rahzel’s father suggests that she go travel and explore the outside world, then he kicks her out of the house (THAT BASTARD!) and this is where our heroines journey begins. Within the first 2 minutes of her journey she bumps into a guy called Alzeid, who happens to be sticking a freaking gun into some douche’s face and later, at Rahzel (oh noes Q_Q). Alzeid is cold to our heroine at first but things are set aside quickly and she convinces him to accompany her on her journey.

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