School Days OVA


The Onsen Episode we missed in the series XD


I just got round to watching the School Days OVA and since we’re all starting school tomorrow I thought I should give my thoughts on this before the school terms start and things get hectic

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Hatenkō Yūgi – Episode 1 “Eternal Light”


Rahzel Rahzel, Rahzel.. <3 ~ (  >  3<)


Alright, finally got around to watching this show and I must say, I really enjoyed this. Even if it is a shoujo (why is it a shoujo!? It lies! I am not a sissy!!). I didn’t know what to expect upon hearing about this and I’ve been reading a few blogs on it too and it didn’t seem that good to be honest but after watching it and taking it all in, I can appreciate how good this show really actually is.

Hatenkō Yūgi is about a girl named Rahzel. Rahzel’s father suggests that she go travel and explore the outside world, then he kicks her out of the house (THAT BASTARD!) and this is where our heroines journey begins. Within the first 2 minutes of her journey she bumps into a guy called Alzeid, who happens to be sticking a freaking gun into some douche’s face and later, at Rahzel (oh noes Q_Q). Alzeid is cold to our heroine at first but things are set aside quickly and she convinces him to accompany her on her journey.

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Naruto Shippuden – Episode 44 “The Truth of the Fight”


You can tell the budget really dropped here

thethingexeWell I’ve finally come to watch and blog this episode…

Not much to say really, not a Naruto anime fan. I just reckon it was really fucking slow. It took like half the episode just to heal Naruto. And the other half was just Sai chatting to Orochimaru.

I just I could blame it on the actually arc itself, seeing how it was pretty shit in the manga too but… I don’t know. Read on if you want… Oh, just realised, KaoSniper actually reviewed it. All good.


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One Piece – Chapter 486 “Piano”



Update: Kansho: I’ve posted the Franky-House Scan

Update: Another Raw, in Jap this time and MQ…

Update: I’ve uploaded a LQ Chinese Raw… Very LQ

The new One Piece Chapter spoilers are here… KaoSniper should be doing this, but I’ll let him off this time…

Download Franky-House One Piece Chapter 486 Here

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Model Kit: Unicorn Gundam “Ver.Ka” – Master Grade

(How epic can a picture of an instruction manual get?)


Here it is, my first Review (and about time too).
So since this is my first review, I thought I’d start off with something a little special. Behold! The epic that is, ‘Unicorn Gundam’!
Now, getting my hand on this godly kit was, for lack of words, a bish. Okay I lied. I was one of the lucky ones and probably one of the first to get my dirty little loli hands (Did i just say that? .. Out loud?) on this impressive kit. Upon first knowing about this kit I asked some of my friends for their opinion and feedback and all I got was negative ones. “It’s too white!” they would say, “Get an eva instead.” they would say. We’ll, screw them I say! I went with my gut and reserved this and when it finally came. All I can say is, “wow-ee”.


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Bleach – Chapter 307 “Bite It, Slash It”



Well thethingexe has been bugging me to blog more and since i have some spare time i thought i would blog the new bleach spoilers, then update when the chapter is available. The new chapter is called “Bite it and Slash it” and currently there is no RAW but there will be soon (some time tonight).

Update: The Chinese scan is now available. There seems to be no raw yet. Will update when the scan appears.

Download Maximum7 Bleach Chapter 307 Here

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Gundam 00 – Episode 15 “Broken Wings”


witty comment goes here…


Sorry for late post. This will be brief. Homework busy homework. Yay episode 15 is here.

thethingexe: As I’ve mentioned, we’ve all got alot of homework, school starts on the 30th.

So just bear with it for now.

shitMAHIf you are reading this you have cracked the code for mor….as followsgundam with 4 limb saberslong

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