School Days OVA


The Onsen Episode we missed in the series XD


I just got round to watching the School Days OVA and since we’re all starting school tomorrow I thought I should give my thoughts on this before the school terms start and things get hectic

For more details, pictures, a summary and thoughts…


The group is at an onsen at the invitation of Kotonoha. Sekai and Hikari question really it is really alright that they are here even though they were invited. Kotonoha explains that it’s fine since the onsen they’re at is associated with her dad’s company and they get free tickets here. Kokoro also reveals that they get free trips to Hawaii and Dubai. This cause Sekai and Hikari to realize the difference between them. Meanwhile Otome is busy staring at Kotonoha’s breasts and she ends groping her with Nanami.

Meanwhile Makoto and Taisuke are talking in a room above the onsen. Taisuke can’t seem to keep still as the girls are bathing right below them and he expresses his urge to go and peekto Makoto. Makoto seems to be uninterested in what Taisuke is saying and tells him he should just calm down. Their conversation is however interrupted by the gilrs calling Makoto to come and join them. Much to Makoto and Taisuke’s surprise the girls announce that it is a mixed bath and the two’s reaction is to straight away run to the balcony to go have a look. However the girls were just making fun of them and throw water basin’s at the two.

The scene changes to the girls discussing Valentine’s Day at Sekai’s workplace. Hikari asks Sekai what she will be doing reminding her about Makoto but Sekai claims that she will be giving only Makoto obligation chocolate. But Hikari keeps pushing Sekai which cause her to question Hikari about Taisuke. Nanami claims that’s it’s a waste to just give chocolate and states that it is also a chance. Sekai ponders about the chance that Valentine’s Day presents which irritates Otome. Setsuna approaches Sekai and points out that everyone in the store is looking at them.

Later that evening Kotonoha arrives home and is greeted by Kokoro. Kotonoha questions what Kokoro is doind and she answers claiming that she is preparing for Valentine’s Day. Kokoro asks Kotonoha whether she has anyone she wants to give chocolates to. Meanwhile Sekai arrives home to find her mother making chocolate. Sekai’s mum claims that no matter how old a woman is she is always young at heart. She also asks Sekai whether she has a girl that she’s interested in and Sekai doesn’t give a direct answer but her mum thinks to herself that it’s quite easy to tell. She then offers Sekai to teach her. The screen changes back to Kotonoha who is in a dark room making chocolate with a cauldron. Kokoro comes down to help and the two declare that it is time to make chocolate taking out a chainsaw and electric drill.

Valentine’s Day has arrived and Taisuke is reading his love fortune. He is thrilled to find that his fortune for February 14 is excellent and that an unexpected girl will force herself upon him. The end of the day has arrived and neither Taisuke or Makoto have received any chocolate. Taisuke curses his youthful days when he is interrupted by Otome who drags Makoto away. She hands him some chocolate and claims that it is an obligation because they have known each other for a long time. Sekai then appears with what appears to be a lovers chocolate but she also claims that it is an obligation chocolate. When Sekai and Otome eye’s meeting they begin to glare at each other. The two then order Makoto to choose one of their chocolates. Kotonoha then appears and offers Makoto her homemade chocolate which seem to have a dark aura and dangerous looking tentacles coming out of it. The three girls then begin to glare at Makoto with evil eye’s and Makoto realizes that which ever chocolate he chooses his fate is sealedand he will be killed.

Meanwhile Hikari is at Taisuke’s shoe box and exclaims her frustration as taisuke disappeared as soon as she took her eye’s of him. Makoto however runs right past her with Sekai, Kotonoha and Otome chasing him who knock Hikari into the shoe lockers. Makoto is chased all over town when Sekai’s mum and even Kokoro begin to chase him. Makoto is chased all over the world until they reach the school roof. The five girls corner Makoto claiming he has no where to run. Makoto explains that he can’t just pick one chocolate so the girls decide to make him eat them all at once. Afterwards Makoto is on the ground struggling to breathe and has a poisonous smoke coming from him. Makoto claims that he will have to give his replies another time. The girls believe he is refereeing to White Day and they all leave happily.

Makoto manages to make it back to the classroom where he finds Setsuna. She gives him a small obligation chocolate which Makoto finds delicious. This please Setsuna so she gives him a huge box which she claims to be the rest. Setsuna explains that the chocolate isn’t hers but she was asked to give it to Makoto by someone too embarrassed to give it personally. Makoto asks who this person is and Setsuna claims that it was Taisuke. A blushing trap Taisuke then appears from under a desk. This causes Makoto to scream in fear.

I enjoyed this OVA. The whole Valentine’s Day thing which was missing from the anime was done well and this OVA got me excited for the next one which will be titled Magical Girl Kokoro-chan. The next OVA is scheduled for release in March. Anyway this OVA felt a lot nicer than the actual season for obvious reasons. The girls were really friendly with each other which was nice to see and I found the trap Taisuke to be pretty amusing. For some reason it reminded me of the time i found thethingexe and a Gundam mm-m-mm-m – Meister in my bed XD. This OVA wasn’t that great but for all the School Days fans I would recommend checking it out when you get the time.

One thought on “School Days OVA

  1. i hate makoto … he’s such a weird loser … i remember watching school days anime and like … he’s scary, lol, i dunnoes how chicks dig him. he’s not even that great looking. i love the ending though and i havent seen the ova for school days yet, but i dun think i will since i’m kinda over it, lol

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