Model Kit: Unicorn Gundam “Ver.Ka” – Master Grade

(How epic can a picture of an instruction manual get?)


Here it is, my first Review (and about time too).
So since this is my first review, I thought I’d start off with something a little special. Behold! The epic that is, ‘Unicorn Gundam’!
Now, getting my hand on this godly kit was, for lack of words, a bish. Okay I lied. I was one of the lucky ones and probably one of the first to get my dirty little loli hands (Did i just say that? .. Out loud?) on this impressive kit. Upon first knowing about this kit I asked some of my friends for their opinion and feedback and all I got was negative ones. “It’s too white!” they would say, “Get an eva instead.” they would say. We’ll, screw them I say! I went with my gut and reserved this and when it finally came. All I can say is, “wow-ee”.


For more details, pictures, a summary and thoughts…
Gundam Model: RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka – Master Grade
Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Series: Gundam UC (Manga Only?)
Release Date: 24th December 2007
Average Retail Price: 5,000 yen
What I paid: 4,500

Note: Just bare with me on this one. My Camera is craptacular so I’m gonna use thethingexe’s cam for pics later. So until then, this review is post-poned. EPIC PHAIL ! = ME

7 thoughts on “Model Kit: Unicorn Gundam “Ver.Ka” – Master Grade

  1. Grats on finishing the Unicorn. Yes it’s a bit white but the color is the least important thing on this kit, I was lucky to get the first batch of Unicorn’s when it was released in Japan. You might wanna change the info on “Series: Gundam UC (Manga Only?)” because it’s not a manga, it’s a light novel instead, which means no “cartoons” XD

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