Spice and Wolf – Episode 11 “Wolf and Great Plan”


thethingexeI’m back to Spice and Wolf blogging. And today we have episode eleven. I could have done this a lot earlier. But I didn’t actually watch episode 10 and 11 until today.

Anyway, overall, it was a good episode. The last few have been the more interesting episodes. It seems this is a good way to end the series, seeing how theres only like two episodes left. I do wonder how they will wrap it up in time. It seems they still have a lot to go through.



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Spice And Wolf – Episode 9 “Wolf And Shepherd’s Lambs” & 10 “Wolf And Spiraling Conspiracy”


thethingexeUpdate: I won’t be able to do Episode 10 either.

I’m sorry but, there’s no way I’ll be able to blog this soon. Next week is like my second last week of school this term, so I have all my exams and stuff now (as with everyone else on this blog).

I did have time to have a quick watch of the episode, and I will say that this is a great episode. The new shepard girl seems quite nice and there are even more characters introduced this episode.

The end was definitely interesting though… Didn’t quite get it… Maybe when I watch it more carefully…

Anyway… I’ll just link this to Random Curiosity until I update this…

Random Curiosity Spice And Wolf 9 Here

Random Curiosity Spice And Wolf 10 Here

Spice and Wolf – Episode 8 “Wolf and Adjusted Scales”


thethingexeI’m a little slow/late on posting this, and I can’t really think of a proper excuse.

So about the actually episode, Yep start of a new arc. Pretty back to basics… So there’s more tricking other merchants and Horo being Horo. Quite boring in comparison to the last episode but what the hey. But at least the shepard lady in the ED is revealed.

Also, about episode 7, you’ll need to buy the dvd to see it, or wait for some subbers to do it. Either way, you’ll have to wait some time.


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Spice and Wolf – Episode 6 “Wolf and Silent Farewell”


thethingexeWow, definitely a different episode. A lot more action and good animations. A lot of raw emotional stuff… Yeah

And for a merchant, Lawrence does in face kick ass. You also get to see full Horo form.

I think after this episode, the series is going to calm down a bit. As though this episode marks the end of the this arc.



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Spice and Wolf – Episode 5 “Wolf and Lover’s Quarrel”


thethingexeNew episode of Spice and Wolf, and I’m not too late at posting…

Pretty good episode, shows what Chloe brings to the anime, I think?

Though, I won’t actually have time to summarise it. I’ll just put some screencaps up for now.

And now I do have time to summarise it!

Here it is…


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Spice and Wolf – Episode 4 “Wolf and Helpless Partner”


thethingexeSome Day…

And that someday is today. I’m sorry this is so late, but circumstances, etc etc.

Anyway I’m sure most of you have watched this already, but I’ll still spend the time to do the screen caps and stuff. So so I’m not leaving gaps.

This episode is a starting the real plot I guess, the one that is life threatening and something that makes Lawrence sad for the first time.


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Spice and Wolf – Episode 3 “Wolf and Business Sense”


the boy who cried business sense

thethingexeOkay, now I’ve finally got time to review it, so I will.

This episode is starting to get further in the story, it has set the atmosphere and established the characters. It will probably start story arcs from now on, this being the one focusing on Zeiren’s money exchange scheme, and the truth behind it. And slowly revealing more and more about Horo, and developing on her unique character.

Have to say that this episode is also when they stopped using really good animations, and started to do more flashbacks. But not enough so to ruin the episode. It was still good. This is probably the make or break point, if the future episodes can use less of the budget on the animations, but still provide a well paced and engaging story, then it will be a success. But if they start speeding up or slowing the story, and leaving out crucial character developments then, It may not turn out all too favourable. But all in all, I have faith in this anime.


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