Claymore – Chapter 78 “The Rebellious Warriors”


thethingexeWell the new claymore is out. I really want to go back to blogging soon. But it won’t be long til all our exams are over. So bare with us, one more week. So I won’t be able to do this write up.


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Claymore – Chapter 77 “Codependence”


 Hentai! Zomg Report Report!!!

thethingexeWell, on non WSJ news. New Claymore is out! Yay.

This chapter seemed a little short, but it has been long in the waiting nonetheless, and just makes you hate waiting more for the next chapter.

Not too much happens in this chapter, and some might even go as far as saying it was shit, but the current Claymore arc is still new and should/can be a little slow. You get to see Miata’s face, but it looks normal, I was hoping it to be a little more random. Anyway…

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