Fullmetal Alchemist – Chapter 81 “Fired Up”


thethingexeUpdate: AOM scans are out.

So it’s time once again for the monthlys to start appearing. FMA 81 one raw and full transcript is currently out. We are just waiting on the clean and the scan, which will probably be in about a day or two.

The chapter is pretty cool, a little boring at first but it’s reving up to something big. And as you can probably guess from the cover, Ed is back… Yay

I’ll leave the rest of the spoilering after the click.

Download AOM Fullmetal Alchemist 81 Here

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Fullmetal Alchemist – Chapter 80 “A Vision of Father”


thethingexeNew FMA manga is out, won’t call it a bad chapter but nothing really happens. But I know at least it’s not random, it is slowing reaching the end of the series.

It’s sort of the like end of a battle, licking the wounds sort of chapter. People say goodbye and the story moves to a new “arc/plotline”. More and more secrets of central are revealed though and Rose is back in the story, again.

And of course, Ed is still nowhere to be seen.

Download Franky-House Fullmetal Alchemist 80 Here

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Fullmetal Alchemist – Chapter 79 “The Ant’s Bite”


Al doesn’t like doors?

thethingexeavasized.jpgWell incase people don’t know yet, the new FMA chapter has been scanlated by FrankyHouse. It’s following on from chapter 78 where [CHP 78 SPOILERS:] Kimblee and a Drachma-ian army from the north are about to invade Fort Briggs, and the two Chimeras that were with Marcoh and Scar called Central for help and Envy decides to come. All up, chapter 79 is a pretty interesting chapter. Not much I can say without spoiling it for the people who have yet to read it. I’ll just say FMA is definately coming closer to an end, and this chapter reveals the “solution” they need to beat the Homunculi. It’s just the build up chapters now, sort of reminiscent of chapter 39; for obvious reasons more than anything else really (If you want to bother checking to know what I mean). Also I guess you find out some characters are actually alot stronger than intially presented, and some characters are alot weaker…

Download FrankyHouse FMA Chapter 79 Here

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