Naruto Shippuden – Episode 50 “Picturebook tells a story”


Not here, Not there. Team 7 searches the hide out for Sasuke but they do find somthing else with more bite than sasuke.

A 1000 words = one pic
Therefore sai has to be good at writing too?


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Naruto Shippuden – Episode 44 “The Truth of the Fight”


You can tell the budget really dropped here

thethingexeWell I’ve finally come to watch and blog this episode…

Not much to say really, not a Naruto anime fan. I just reckon it was really fucking slow. It took like half the episode just to heal Naruto. And the other half was just Sai chatting to Orochimaru.

I just I could blame it on the actually arc itself, seeing how it was pretty shit in the manga too but… I don’t know. Read on if you want… Oh, just realised, KaoSniper actually reviewed it. All good.


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Naruto Shippuden – Episode 43 “Sakura’s Tears”


 naruto > wood

thethingexeI don’t usually do Naruto reviews, cause I’m no longer a big fan of the anime (still read manga). I’m just filling in for KaoSniper who is capped. I’ll probably be filling in for the next few weeks too.

But anyway here it is anyway…

This episode is pretty Sakura based, a lot of waterworks. Sai is still being Sai, and Kabuto does something surprising and says something interesting.


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I love the new banner!

Manda is cool!

 Spot the girl! (Clue: there is none)

thethingexeavasized.jpgEven though I’m the one who made it, I got to say, it’s… Beautiful! Marvellous! Excellent! Cakecious!

`x_Fenrir is Sasuke, cause he’s the one that has hair most like that I guess.
Kanshō is Karin, cause he’s like the trap of the group, cause we all know that every anime blog needs a trap. Sorry Kan.
thethingexe (me!) is Suigetsu, cause he’s fully sick, sort of like me. And I still and always will be a Zabuza fan.
KaoSniper is Jugo, cause in real life he’s probably more tank than Jugo, so I guess he sort of fits. He also likes Jugo too, I think.

But yeah, still means nothing till we get animeblogger host! Maestro fix the servers!

EDIT: Kansho apparently isn’t too happy about being a trap, so since Fenrir is still RO crazed, he can be Karin. Geez. Happy?

Naruto Shippuden – Episode 42 “Orochimaru Vs Jinchūriki”

Naruto Maddess…

Imma’ firing mah lazer!

Naruto opens a can of whoopass… Orochimaru and Naruto battle it out for their only love, Sasuke. But Naruto also manages to takes out the competition, Sakura, quite easily…

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