Naruto – Chapter 402 “Reflection”

Update: It’s out!

Wow! Good chapter!

I’ll say it now… Team Hebi is back! Wooo

And a new antagonist is introduced… Oooo

Naruto looks like it may be ending soon with these developments…

Anyway click click!

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Naruto – Chapter 401

Update: It’s out

Rightio, confirmed Naruto Spoilers are out. Pretty much more Sasuke in denial crap this chapter. But some pretty interesting developments too… I guess. Well one I thought was cool.

Chapter should be out tomorrow, but for the needy and impatient…

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Download Binktopia Naruto Chapter 401 Here

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Naruto – Chapter 400 “In Hell”

The new chapter is to be here soon.

So some trustable spoilers  have appeeared.

Madara’s pretty much done with his story. And most of it is stuff people would have guessed. No real surprise and nothing worth noting.

It’s out…

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Naruto – Chapter 399 “The Beginning of Everything!”

thethingexeUpdate: Binktopia scan is out!

Wow, it’s been like a week since any posts have been made. Well for the record, it’s not us being lazy, more so the courseworks we’ve been doing in the last week or so. I can actually start blogging what I promised… lol.

Anyway, Naruto manga will be coming out soon enough, maybe tomorrow? Here are the spoilers.

It seems Kishi is willing to explain a whole bunch of crap now. It’s pretty sweet really. And it’s not like reveal one thing, show another mystery thing. We are really seeing some real history worth every penny.

So just click on the post to see…

Download Binktopia Naruto chapter 399 Here

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