One Piece – Chapter 494 “Tragedy of Duval”

thethingexeSo new one piece is out, seems to be the end of the mini arc. Or the start of the big arc.

It was a funny chapter, bet you guys would never have guessed who Duval was… Unless you read the spoilers or something.

But anyway, fun arc, maybe like a Brooke fodder arc. Anyway…

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One Piece – Chapter 492 “Iron Mask Duval”

thethingexeUpdate: and now it’s out.

Well these have been out for a while, but here you go anyway. Some One Piece spoilers!

Basically this chapter has some more info on that Duval guy. And is sort of the chatting before a fight.

I’ll leave the spoilering after the click.

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One Piece – Chapter 491 “The Flyingfish Riders”


thethingexeAnd new One Piece is out! Wow!

First thing I have to say, this is an extremely funny chapter. I mean in every OP chapter there’s like a page of comedy or something. But this chapter it was choca block full.

Great chapter really. Also the end keeps you guessing at the new mysterious figure. All great, thanks Binktopia and Oda

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Note: I’m still busy so no write up.

One Piece – Chapter 489 “The Eighth”


thethingexeAnd now the new One Piece is out after last week’s break. Pretty good chapter, but I think the saying goodbye stuff have been going for too long. But apparently according to Oda, he used the one week break to plan how the manga was going ot turn out for the next year or so. Pretty hardcore.

But this chapter is definitely the end of the thriller bark arc. Next chapter will have something new instore.

But for now…

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One Piece – Chapter 488 “Song of Life”

thethingexeUpdate: And now it’s out.
Okay, so this week’s WJS is almost out (out as in scanlated). So I’ll post the first spoilers and spoiler pictures for One Piece.

I’ll update this post with the raws and eventual scans. So make sure to check regularly.

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