KanshoI like anime. I Lol.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the best. Anyone who doesn’t agree can go to hell.


But yeah I’m a complete Gurren Lagann addict (which i don’t see as a bad thing). Ever since the release of of episode 27 I’ve watched it at least once a day, except for when i went to Singapore. Man that sucked, I only got to watch it like twice while i was there. Plus it was streamed! The quality was so low it made Gurren Lagann almost seem bad. But we all know that isn’t possible. So yeah if you still haven’t watched Gurren Lagann you can go away and never come back to this blog. I never want to see you again!!! No don’t go we want you to stay and make our hits number go up, so just go watch Gurren Lagann then you can come back and read the blog. Tell me what you think about it and if you don’t like it, you can go to hell.

Enough with Gurren Lagann (forget that there can never be enough of Gurren Lagann) and something else about me. Well out of the four of us i was probably the last to get into anime seriously. This was because my mum decided not to get me any net because she thought it would be too distracting. I finally managed to convince her that it wouldn’t be that bad and I needed it for school. It turns out she was right and I’m slowly regressing into a hikkimori like fenrir (just not as quickly). Besides anime I enjoy playing visual novels. I am currently waiting for the translation of the UBW route in Fate/Stay Night. I enjoy reading manga and I probably spend nearly as much time reading manga as I do watching anime. I also hate to lose in anything, so if i ever say anything that offends you I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me cause I can’t help it, it’s in my nature. The proof of this is the fact that I’m writing this unnecessary sentence so i can get a higher word count for my profile the fenrir.

Anyway I’ll be blogging Bleach and a few of the current anime series. My reviews will usually come a day or two after subs come out for most series. I may watch the raws for some series if I really enjoy it. Something that would fall under this category would be another series of Gurrenl Lagann, whether it be a prequel or sequel, it’s all good cause it’s Gurren Lagann. I may do a few reviews on PVC’s but that’s more of fenrir’s field. Well I hope you enjoy the stuff I write even though I may not be too good at it.