So what happened to new hosting?


Oh yeah about that…. we never got a reply. “So what in the world have all of you been up to?” I hear you say well..

For more details and thoughts…

Well it’s been over a year since the last post. We pretty much didn’t get a reply and went well “lets wait a little more…a little more…just a bit more…” and hell this site got shot in the ass cause we had exams which counted towards our score which gets us into uni. So the past year has been the My Life Is Average story (BTW great site to kill boredom and increase procrastination) . Get up, go to school, watch Kansho and TheThingEXE get to class late or sleep in class, trying guess which days  x_ Fenrir would bother to get to school. Fuck My Life Is Average. ( fmylife is also another great site to kill time.)Well our exams are over and well have 3 months of WTH do I do with myself time. So I guess its back to blogging to kill time.

Anyone got some of the grass that kishimoto is smoking? I like strong weed,  it might make me publish plot twist which includes eating the bloody moon to control the world. Well what about BLEACH last time I checked the warning signs didn’t say anything about ” caution extended prolonging of plot development “. Well One Piece is still epic as it is the only manga I’ve read where the protagonist rides on a broken mast  to get over a wall only to swing it at a bunch of admirals which can manipulate ice,magma and light. Well enough random crap, wait I’ll leave you guy with one more random thing.

Guess who? hint its not me

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