Monster Hunter Orage – Chapter 1

So not sure if anyone else has been following this, but I sure have.

Being a fan of the games, I was gobsmacked when I found out there would be a manga based on them, then I found out the mangaka was Mashima of Fairy Tail, just wow.

Anyway, the raw has been out since the 9th. But now the scanlations are out. I actually tried to do my own cleans and type setting, but one man just can’t beat a proper team.

Anyway, as for the manga it self, it’s awesome. It definitely feels like Fairy Tail, as in the characters… But it has a nice twist.

If you are looking for a good manga to start, but don’t want to do a lot of catching up. Then Monster Hunter Orage is a great chance.

Download Dragon-Guard Monster Hunter Orage 1 Here

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