Naruto – Chapter 391 “…With The Thunder!”


thethingexeBinktopia are the best… They teamed up with Manyou and got the raw off them… This means freaken fast Naruto Scanlations! Frawk!

And that means it’s out… NOW!!!

Go Go Go Download!!!

!!!Download Binktopia Naruto 391 Here!!!

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Fairy Tail – Chapter 76 “The Tower Of Paradise”


thethingexeYep! It’s that time of the week, same time every week. It’s Fairy Tail time! Yay!

I really have to praise this week’s chapter. So much ass kicking already! And it’s just the start of the new arc.

Well anyway, I would praise how great Fairy Tail is, like I do every week, but I’m sure you guys have already got the message… But if you haven’t… Read Fairy Tail! It has the comedy that only other Shounens like One Piece can give you, except only more raw! If you like laughing, read Fairy Tail! But probably not this chapter, it isn’t very happy…

Anyway, here it is…

Download Binktopia Fairy Tail 76 Here

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One Piece – Chapter 490 “Forward Once Again”


thethingexeWell, it’s actually out. Sorry for the late update, but I had school work. Seems like everyone except me is capped. *sigh*

I’ll update later.

Old: One Piece spoilers are here. I want to get back to homework, so I’ll leave this post short.

New Arc! Yay

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Naruto – Chapter 391 Spoilers

thethingexeUpdate: Well it’s fucking out!!!
Another New Image
One New Image! (It’s sweet~)

Holy Shit!

This chapter looks like it’s not what I was expecting. It seems pretty fucking godly. I want to say so much now, but I’ll leave it to the Thoughts bit.

But I will say, this chapter will be the best in a while. I was losing hope for what Kishimoto was doing with the fight. But fucking snap. I was taken back to school by him.

But then again, if I think about it more it’s only cool in the Shounen sense, in actually story development, nothing has happened… Really. It’s like… Oh nevermind I’ll talk about it after the clicky-clicky.

Download Binktopia Naruto 391 Here

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Spice and Wolf – Episode 8 “Wolf and Adjusted Scales”


thethingexeI’m a little slow/late on posting this, and I can’t really think of a proper excuse.

So about the actually episode, Yep start of a new arc. Pretty back to basics… So there’s more tricking other merchants and Horo being Horo. Quite boring in comparison to the last episode but what the hey. But at least the shepard lady in the ED is revealed.

Also, about episode 7, you’ll need to buy the dvd to see it, or wait for some subbers to do it. Either way, you’ll have to wait some time.


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Gundam 00 1st and 2nd OP and ED’s ! :3 (Full Songs)


(mMm-m-m-MEISTER! – You sure are Setsuna, you sure are.)


Here they are 8D! Gundam 00’s OP’s and ED’s! – Are they the best OP’s and ED’s ever!!? – You decide!
~ (  ;  3;) Download quick pl0x! Dx ~
1st OP – 『Daybreak’s Bell』 by L’Arc-en-Ciel (episodes 1-13)9.62MB
1st ED – 『Wana』 by The Back Horn (episodes 1-13)10.05MB
2nd OP – 『Ash Like Snow』 by the brilliant green (episodes 14-)6.21MB
2nd ED -『Friends』 by Stephanie (episodes 14-)6.16MB

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One Piece – Chapter 489 “The Eighth”


thethingexeAnd now the new One Piece is out after last week’s break. Pretty good chapter, but I think the saying goodbye stuff have been going for too long. But apparently according to Oda, he used the one week break to plan how the manga was going ot turn out for the next year or so. Pretty hardcore.

But this chapter is definitely the end of the thriller bark arc. Next chapter will have something new instore.

But for now…

Download Franky-House One Piece 489 Here

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