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Hello there, ‘x_Fenrir’ here but you can call me Jyon (rawr! 0: <). Currently I call Melbourne home, hoping to possibly maybe move to Japan once I can support myself. Living in one of those apartments and waste away like one of those hikikkimori’s… Sooo much win. I Envy those sons of b*tches! You stay out of this Kansho! Don’t touch me! *sobs*… ughh… ANYWAY back to me.

Like Kansho, I’m a Gurren Lagann addict too.. Just not on his level of power >_>;; (OVER 9000!!!). Some other animes I’m into are Lucky Star, Haruhi, CLANNAD(<33), Darker Than Black, FLCL, Minami-ke, Moyashimon, Bamboo Blade, Shakugan no Shana, and Seirei no Moribito. Course, theres a whole crap of other anime I enjoy but those are just off the top of my head. I love my food. Even though I’m like.. totally the physical embodiment of “Starving”, I’m like a stick. Lol. Unlike some of the guys on here (Nah.. I’ts just Kansho.), I have an extremely broad sense of humour, I laugh to and at everything. I usually blog at night when my parents are asleep, so please. Don’t make me laugh, the shit will hit the fan with my mum. What else, ohh right. Music. Music is good :3 – Specially anime music, but metal and rock are good too.

… Enough about me and anime!
I’ll be blogging mostly anime reviews, a crap load of PVC models/figures and Gundam model Kits and yeah.

*sharingan* @_@