About how this is going to work


Shana welcomes you…

thethingexe is awesome!Okay ladies, gents, furries…

This will be an Australian blog about anime, manga, otaku life and anything about japanese culture really I guess. We’ll do things like reviews, news, rants, random crap. Just your everyday anime blog.

Since I’m well aware of the amount of wordpress blogs and the oceans of abadoned blogs, it is a bad idea to start blogs and alot of responsiblity. This blog will try and do it’s best to become popular and whatever, but we won’t really be posting much till we get our proper hosting at animeblogger.net.

Hopefully we won’t crash and burn.

If you are somehow unfortunate fortunate enough to be reading this blog. Then please don’t judge it on what you are seeing now, it will be better, we promise… =) Hopefully, in the near future, we can get a sort a community going, no matter how big or small. So look out for us, and it’ll be cool and stuff.

Also bear with the crappy layout and stuff, we can’t really do much until we get that hosting.

 ~Byes, thethingexe

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