Vampire Knight Ep 04 “Trigger Of Conviction”


Taking off straight from where we left off from last week. Episode four “Trigger of conviction” Kaname goes to help Yuki after smelling her blood has been drawn. Zero is a hardcore emo.


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Vampire Knight Ep 3 “Fangs of Repentance”


Righto, this week on Vampire Knight we get a little insight to Cross academy ‘s inhabitants. Headmaster Cross cooks up a stew for Yuki and Zero. The Night Class gather for a morning meeting to be informed of a dorm inpection. Everyones fine however Aidou needs a little help. Thank god Kaname is there to put him in his place.

Later on Zero and Yuki are in town and well it gets intresting.    

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Vampire Knight Ep 2 “Memories of blood”



Well I must say this Episode is pretty funny. Its Valentine’s Day at Cross Academy and we all know which guys are going to get the gifts “Damn Night Class!!!!”

There is further development into Zero’s condition and past.

Enjoy. I’ll upload pics soon.

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