Gundam 00 1st and 2nd OP and ED’s ! :3 (Full Songs)


(mMm-m-m-MEISTER! – You sure are Setsuna, you sure are.)


Here they are 8D! Gundam 00’s OP’s and ED’s! – Are they the best OP’s and ED’s ever!!? – You decide!
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1st OP – 『Daybreak’s Bell』 by L’Arc-en-Ciel (episodes 1-13)9.62MB
1st ED – 『Wana』 by The Back Horn (episodes 1-13)10.05MB
2nd OP – 『Ash Like Snow』 by the brilliant green (episodes 14-)6.21MB
2nd ED -『Friends』 by Stephanie (episodes 14-)6.16MB

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Gundam 00 – Episode 14 “The Morning of Determination”


The dawning of a new age

KaoSniperFans of Gundam 00 it’s finally here!!! The epic story is about to begin. The three world powers have finally decided to go all out. There is no holding back!!!

Episode 14 is one of those summary episodes, but it’s also a build up episode… But like holyshit, they executed both so well. Also, you’ll notice that the OP and ED songs of 00 have been updated. If you are into Evanescence or Kelly Clarkson then this music is for you.

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