Gundam 00 1st and 2nd OP and ED’s ! :3 (Full Songs)


(mMm-m-m-MEISTER! – You sure are Setsuna, you sure are.)


Here they are 8D! Gundam 00’s OP’s and ED’s! – Are they the best OP’s and ED’s ever!!? – You decide!
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1st OP – 『Daybreak’s Bell』 by L’Arc-en-Ciel (episodes 1-13)9.62MB
1st ED – 『Wana』 by The Back Horn (episodes 1-13)10.05MB
2nd OP – 『Ash Like Snow』 by the brilliant green (episodes 14-)6.21MB
2nd ED -『Friends』 by Stephanie (episodes 14-)6.16MB

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