Gundam 00 1st and 2nd OP and ED’s ! :3 (Full Songs)


(mMm-m-m-MEISTER! – You sure are Setsuna, you sure are.)


Here they are 8D! Gundam 00’s OP’s and ED’s! – Are they the best OP’s and ED’s ever!!? – You decide!
~ (  ;  3;) Download quick pl0x! Dx ~
1st OP – 『Daybreak’s Bell』 by L’Arc-en-Ciel (episodes 1-13)9.62MB
1st ED – 『Wana』 by The Back Horn (episodes 1-13)10.05MB
2nd OP – 『Ash Like Snow』 by the brilliant green (episodes 14-)6.21MB
2nd ED -『Friends』 by Stephanie (episodes 14-)6.16MB

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Spice and Wolf OP and ED Singles! Full Songs!!! =D


I hope I go down wonderway, Oh whistle round the world… *whistles* La La La

thethingexeWooo, I just downloaded Nipponsei’s Spice and Wolf OP and ED Single. I’m uploading as I post this, but it doesn’t seem the full singles will be done any time too soon, so I’ll just post the full songs of the OP and ED! =D

01 – Tabi no Tochuu.mp3 (Full OP 4:55) 11.24MB
02 – Yakusoku no Uta (B-Side) 12.54 MB

01 – Ringo Hiyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song.mp3 (Full ED 4:53) 11.17MB
02 – Namaika na Bokura (B-Side) 8.99MB

They are really good. xD Also, seems like it was whistle round the world, not wish. =P

If you want the B-sides and instrumentals (Full Singles) I’ll add them to the full article.

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Spice and Wolf OP and ED Rips


“Oh we’ll wish around the world”


UPDATE: The Full Singles are Here…

I’m bored so I’ve uploaded the mp3 rips of the OP and ED of Spice and Wolf.

Opening: Tabi no Tochu~ – Natsumi Kiyoura (Mediafire)
Ending: Ringo Hiyori – Rocky Chack (Mediafire)

The opening is pretty good, if you like soft slow music. Just a girl singing softly to acoustic gutiar and violin. It also has that epic choir backup that’s pretty cool. But the ending I really like, it’s just a japanese girl singing a really cute song in english. I mean there are lyrics about apple eyes and sunshine pies, you can’t not like it. The piano is very simple too, and it just makes it even more cute. I just can’t help singing along to it. Even KaoSniper, who is watching kendo videos right now is sort of humming along to it.