Naruto – Chapter 400 “In Hell”

The new chapter is to be here soon.

So some trustable spoilers  have appeeared.

Madara’s pretty much done with his story. And most of it is stuff people would have guessed. No real surprise and nothing worth noting.

It’s out…

Download Naruto 400 Here

For more details, spoilers, pictures and thoughts…

Summary: (Translated by stream @ NF)
Itachi entered Anbu as a spy, but as he leaked information to the village side, he was a double spy

Because Itachi experienced a war when he was 4, he thought that the stability of the village came first

So he had no choice but obliterating the clan

The Third tried to compromise, but there was no time before that night

Becoming a missing-nin was also his instructions

But Itachi made one mistake

He didn’t kill his brother

He asked the Third to protect Sasuke, threatened Danzou to lay off Sasuke, and left.

It seems that from the beginning, Itachi intended to die and leave his powers to Sasuke

The one who came up with this strategy was probably Danzou. That’s why, before leaving the village, he told Danzou that if he laid a finger on Sasuke, he would tell other countries about this, and they would destroy Konoha

As for Madara, far from leading the revenge, he gave the condition that they would be anihilated (NOT sure about this sentence)

The leader of the coup d’état was Sasuke’s father

That’s about it

Yeah, basically confirms everyone’s thoughts that Itachi was good and all that. Everything does seem very unrealistic though. At least Naruto’s villians all have reasonings to doing stuff now… Sort of? As in Madara hates Konoha even more because of the whole clan kill thing.

I just don’t get where all those other Akatsuki members (Pein and stuff) fit in with the whole revenge on Konoha thing. Itachi went to become a missing-nin with Akatsuki, which was founded by Pein to take over the world… But then Pein was really working for Tobi/Madara…? So what now?

And once again, where is team Hebi?!

Blah, next time.


7 thoughts on “Naruto – Chapter 400 “In Hell”

  1. chapter 400 is out… sasuke is being a fuck tard at the end. he said what madara told him must be a lies…. wtf? stop being fucking emo and accept the fucking truth u shithead. i don’t know how the fuck u ppl even like sasuke

  2. Hello???!!!
    Leduccc… Its not his fault to become like that, Please?!
    He was only 7… What the heck do you expect from a 7 years old boy that see his beloved brother that he always look up to killed the whole family??
    Of course he can’t accept the truth Madara told him!!
    He left Konoha and dying to kill his brother that he trusted as a betrayal of the village and clan. The truth is just too harsh for him!! He even decided to leave his friends when he started to think that he has the same path as them…
    Then now he is hearing about the facts that it is the village’s order and his brother is protecting him.
    He just can’t accept that he is trying to kill someone who is protecting him!!
    It will be a luck that he won’t go and destroy Konoha or kill those 2 elderlies and Danzo…
    If I am him, I may do that but it will destroy all the things Itachi has done…

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