One Piece – Chapter 489 “The Eighth”


thethingexeAnd now the new One Piece is out after last week’s break. Pretty good chapter, but I think the saying goodbye stuff have been going for too long. But apparently according to Oda, he used the one week break to plan how the manga was going ot turn out for the next year or so. Pretty hardcore.

But this chapter is definitely the end of the thriller bark arc. Next chapter will have something new instore.

But for now…

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For more details, a summary, pictures and thoughts…


It starts off with more Brooke stuff, he decides to seal away the song shell until he finally meets back up with Laboon. Then he asks to be in Luffy’s crew, Luffy says yes. Then they party some more. He remembers Laboon again, and then the scene changes to Laboon who is now huge, has the straw hats’ jolly roger on his head and doing a >_< face.

It goes on the revealing Broke has  33,000,000 beri bounty and sorta owns. They get a grave built up for Brooke’s old crew and Zoro wakes up he always goes to the grave but to honour a dead samurai. The crew decide to go to Merman Island next. Brooke and Sanji want to see the beautiful mermaids, and their panties. To which they find out they don’t actually wear any.

Finally, Lola gives Nami a piece of paper called a Biblipaper. Lola came from the New World and the paper will lead Nami to Lola’s mother who is there. Then they realise it is the same paper that Ace gave Luffy, they notice that it is burnt, which Lola states to mean that Ace’s life force is fading.


It was a nice chapter. Really happy at the start and a nice way to end it with suspense. It finally clears up the thriller bark arc and things can continue to happen. And those things involve Ace, yay!

Also there are more clues about how the New World is. Anyway, I wonder if they are going to merman island first or are they going to try save Ace… probably both but whatever.


10 thoughts on “One Piece – Chapter 489 “The Eighth”

  1. hello brooke…

    welcome to mugiwara kaizokudan

    i will see the 469 tomorrow..i can’t wait yohohohoho

    sanji lover…..huashusahusahusa

    Ruffy come to Brazil anyday

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