TENMON – 5 Centimeters Per Second Soundtrack


KaoSniperFrom the sentimental feel good (thethingexe: it was sad and teary!) anime film of 2007, the 5cm per second OST is finally in my hands. Any lover of this film or lover of classical music would love this OST. This like a night in fantasia. The dymamic of the music composed by Tenmon is just superb. This OST flows with feeling, using the soft and hard sound of the piano to produce harmony and violins to create a sense of intensity. The sounds from this OST is somthing not to be missed.

For Tracklist, More Pics And Thoughts…


Original Soundtrack (28 Minutes) :
  1. Ōkashō (桜花抄) [4:51]
  2. Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi (想い出は遠くの日々) [1:14]
  3. Shousou (焦燥) [1:09]
  4. Yuki no Eki (雪の駅) [2:19]
  5. Kiss (Kiss) [3:13]
  6. Kanae no Kimochi (力ナエの気持ち) [1:47]
  7. Yume (夢) [1:40]
  8. Sora to Umi no Shi (空と海の詩) [2:00]
  9. Todokanai Kimochi (届かない気持ち) [1:41]
  10. End Theme [2:52]
  11. One more time, One more chance PIANO ver. (Bonus Track) [5:00]

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?b0hbi3m2x2t
Courtesy of Alteisen, much thanks for the upload pal.


I have to say this OST is really something. I love the songs “Poem of the sky and sea/Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi ” as well as “One more time, One more chance” by Yamazaki Masayoshi. Each time I listen to this OST I recall the feelings I had when i watch 5cms. Another feeling is that I can see each scene according to each song. With “Poem of the sky and sea” I can hear Sumita thinking how painful it is that Tohno is so kind just like Akane Suzumiya to Takayuki Narumi in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts or The Eternity You Desire) . BEST OST EVER!!!



21 thoughts on “TENMON – 5 Centimeters Per Second Soundtrack

  1. what happened to Gurren Lagann being best OST?! D: <
    i would say the best OST imo are cowboy bebop and one of the GiTS ones :3

  2. I don’t suppose you can upload this OST please? I can’t find it online and stumbled across your blog through google. ty :)

  3. I looked on animeost.net. it just brings u to a search engine. is it supposed to do that? and if so, what are we supposed to search? I tried searching “5 centimeters per second” but i got only one result on Amazon.com. I don’t think my parents would let me order it =X

  4. Thanks for the upload i just finished watchin this movie and im in tears :P
    Just got to have this ost.
    This might be the best movie i have ever seen :D

  5. just recently watched the movie and i like it very much!.. this has got to be the best movie about how one person go through life of love.. i like the ending song very much!. :D
    tnx for the OST upload!!.

  6. Holy guacamole…thanks man! This movie had my knees shuddering…now with this OST, I can walk the streets with shuddering knees.

  7. thanks man ^^ i loved the movie and the soundtracks.. >.< it had me crying when the end song started playing

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